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Fan Wood Camping trip April 2012

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th April  Dads ‘R’ Us went on a camping trip!

The trip took place at the Fan Wood Camp site, Ferrand Lane, Gomersal, Cleckheaton, BD19 4DA

[important]Thank you to all Dads and kids that took part making this such an enjoyable weekend![/important]

The set up of the camp is under way!

Dads and kids got together to make this one of the best trips Dads ‘R’ Us has run yet. Some of the Dads (and some of the children) arrived at lunchtime on the Friday to set up camp for the others. A central Gazebo was erected to act as a base for cooking and eating should the weather have been bad. Many of the group brought their own equipment but for those without, Dads ‘R’ Us happily provided what was necessary.

Once camp was set up the group arrived with children and got their tents set out just so. The chairman’s wife, Sharon, had made a curry for the dads who enjoyed this with rice and chapatis – Thanks, Sharon, from all the dads (and some of the older children) who really enjoyed this spicy treat. The rest of the children had hot dogs in finger buns – yum yum.

Once supper was over the group sat round a fire made by Tony and Paul M, our entertainment chaps.  The group was in good spirits and enjoyed the fire whilst playing guessing games. One by one the children went to bed to leave only the chairman, Vadim, sat by the fire listening to the crackling embers and the owls. Graham says he heard one of the owls burp, but we won’t go into that!

It was a very cold night but most got some sleep. Day two started with cereal to get those early risers filled followed by a cooked breakfast all done in the gazebo. The children then got wrapped up, as well as the dads, and went off for hours of fun events organised by the local scouting group. The group did caving, assault courses, a 50 foot vertical ladder climb, rock climbing and a night line. There was a small break in the middle for lunch (soup and sandwiches with lots of sweeties) but other than this it was an action packed day.

This evening the group used the indoor facilities at Fanwood as the weather was set to be even colder. All children (and some of the the adults!) were happier indoors with the heating. Tea consisted of pasta bolognese for the children and hot-hot-hot chilli for the dads (who could handle it) cooked indoors on the range.

More write up to follow:

Some of the pictures from the weekend: