Dads ‘R’ Us is a volunteer-run support group based in North Halifax, for dads and male carers of children within the area.


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The group is funded mainly through SureStart Children’s Centres in the North and East Halifax area. We have recently been given some support from the Community Development Fund (CDF) for Ovenden and most recently by the Halifax. The Group continues to grow at a rapid rate.  The Dads ‘R’ Us board comprises of several members who meet monthly to discuss the ongoing running of the group and any forthcoming events.

Dads ‘R’ Us hold a regular monthly meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month at different venues within North Halifax. The monthly meeting provides a safe place for dads and male carers to get together to enjoy a full cooked breakfast (or sometimes a nice continental or foreign breakfast for a change) whilst the children benefit from the various activities and equipment available.

Dads and male carers who regularly attend the breakfasts and meetings also have free access to an allotment where the group grow a range of fruit and vegetables from potatoes to gooseberries. We meet every Thursday evening during the summer months with most of the back-breaking, but rewarding, work done on the Sunday at 12pm.

Throughout the year Dads ‘R’ Us arranges fun trips out to farms and museums, camping trips and dads’ evenings out. Dads ‘R’ Us are looking for dads and male carers to join the group and to share their valued skills.

Dads ‘R’ Us is not off limits to mums (or female carers) either. On the 2nd Saturday of December we invite wives/partners of the men who attend the group to come along to the Dads ‘R’ Us Christmas party.